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    Like A Dancer

                                                                               WELCOME to the POETRY HOOK:  

  These 12 books of my poetry are for sale on Barnes & Noble and Amazon:

  Each ebook is a compilation of 1, 2 & 3 in 1.  There are  5 ebooks.  If you like  poetry  and you want to read a few of the poems from each book, just click the links to      open each book and read the few poems I've posted there from each book. 

 If you want to give any of my books or ebooks a review, you get keep the ebook for free for your home  eReader,  Kindle, Kobo or other electronic reading device. Just go to the Amazon or Barnes & Nobel websites  using  the inks below to sign up to give the review.  Hope you penjoy my poetry. 

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