IN EVERY HEARTBEAT

In every heartbeat that we send,

A feeling stays and never ends.

In every leaf, of every tree,

By every cough of bumble bees...

       With every rustle of the breeze

       That frees the fragrance blossoms bore,

                            ...............All beings receive it.

From crocodile's tears or froggie's song,

The lovely thought we hope to give,

                     felt by all.

We are always connected to each other,

Affected by each other's rhythms...good or ill;

Affect our environment together.  You know...

They say...thoughts can kill.  For hearts,

In every living being, beating

    Engrave, in undulating waves, instill....

       The content of each heart repeating,

                   What the silent mind has willed.

Let us be carful then,

                                     How we spin our dreams...

For tides go out.  We watch them go....

But surely they come back again,

Returning to us, what our heart has sown.

                    Arizona Waterfall '89 yfr

                                   BELIEVE IN LOVE

  You don't need Love....

  You are Love.

  Believe in Love.

    Love knows the way..

  Giving or receiving,

  Love heals every wound.

  Is loving not fill,

   The empty sadness of your heart?

                      ..............and save this day!? 

  Love, given for Love's Sake alone

  Lifts every burden thru your tears.

  Though unreturned, one futile,

        Yet it is the caring for one another

                      ......that proves the meaning....

  Love as  you would be loved....

       Share yourself to understand.

                   One can learn to be a friend.

                           If one can listen and extend a hand...

  One finds the way.

  Love is it's own reward;

  It restores us in a way

  The world can't see or touch.

             Love is not learned from books.

              It is the heart....that teaches much.

  Love waits for you.  Love knows your name.

  It wants to share with you the same;

  It wants to give a we...

          Can feel the blessed empathy,

                 That makes the Truth complete

                                                                    WHO AMONG US?

  Who among us can truly say,  That they deserve this life.

  Who has earned the place in space...Who can even see, the Lover's Face,

  By Whose Passionate Artistic Grace, We wake...and learn to find our way..

  We live to learn.  We fall to walk.  We laugh to cry.   So absurd to be....alive.

  We sleep, then we wake, Get lost but are found.  Pass river and mountain,

  But always return...and never have we earned....

  Nor can deserve, The generous blessing...

  Time derived and so precious...

  The oh, so original soul,   In each person, invested

                   "ONE GIVES ONE'S LOVE..."

One gives one's love
On Love's free wings.....
Just like a child, within....
A fountain sings.
The overflow relieves the sting
Of empty arms that need to bring
The gift that never takes away, just gives,
And with all tenderness, forgives...
For love is all we are and need to live.

How then does one prepare to meet
The force that can't receive?
The ripened fruit still waits to fall....
How does one find the will to live,
When for love, one, has lost it all?

How can one attune one's self,
To a world of humans....who care not to walk
The simple road within;
Who in the absence of real understanding,
Fabricate disaster and ill will.
Technology can replace a human heart
And one can live...
But what of friendship....and caring.
Can one feel that deeply still?....

Can one not replace such paranoia
With an hour of grace...!?
For a brief moment our parents
Loved...each other....and we...
Were conceived and born.
Whatever else is true, one fact remains....
It's love, and love alone....
Love! is our Name!

                                "IF YOU LET ME"

If you let me I'll tell you...
The Truth I have found.
I alone am responsible,
For how I respond!
No one shames one except
One's own heart....If we pay for another,
We will never be faulted.
For the sum of our harvest
Is the life we've exalted... and lived!
Not a careless mistake of Nature....
We, each one, are significant.
You and I and the Earth are one;
Arriving together we are always loved.
We belong to each other, we just need to face up
That we care more deeply,
than words can express.
Restore the heart, and bare your breast
If we count on each other, and God.....
We could continue to be blessed. (SMILE)


On this Solstice I may seek to gaze,
                                                 Even if by myself...
Where mountain's shadow clings to sky,
And lapping waters, kissing stones,
                                               Echo my own sighs.
Sky smiles, warmly, sighing heavily
                                                 Into myriad stars.....
Reflecting ancient memories,
That for so long,  I've tried to keep in jars.

And Guardians, knowing all my secrets,
Pains and joys untold...Gather all the "mes"
Like falling leaves beside the twirling worlds.

The Blue Water Planet is singing,
Her whales, Her birds, insects and trees....
Calling us to join Her, in her tender rhapsody,
                                                      Her Song of Life.

Her melody is for a simple heart,
A heart filled with true caring....
Whose every thought becomes a breath,
And every breath a whisper clear,
                                 in innocent belief that....
Life is fair and cares... for all.

                                Neither fair nor unfair...
Life calls us to create a life of caring.
Allows us a chance to learn the art of sharing.
Expects not only giving...but forgiving
If we are to earn our place in Heaven.

They show me glorious turquoise sunsets
Woven from the whispering of the Holy Names....
Revive in me forgotten understanding,
Of who I Am, of of a Truth,
That in changing, does not change.

Now returning from the burning cold,
Holding my vision clear.....
Knowing in the Eternal Now,
We must decide with every breath...
If the Nature we're creating...
Gives rise to life, or falls...
Into self ruin and death.

A life to vain for simple caring,
Has it's destiny ordained....
For Time is like a circle sweeping,
Bringing every life the due it's lost
                ....or gained, following close
The breadth of every heart...
                             it looses not a step.

The heavy sighing of the branches,
Laden with their summer leaves....
Brings me back so ever gently
On the sweetly blossomed breeze
I feel the Peace... within the song of trees.

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               "I AM MORE THAN I DREAMED"

I am more than I dreamed I could be.
I am the very Self I longed to know;
The "me" I reached for in the throes
Of a blizzard so miserable....for Salvation.

It was myself I was running from.
But there was, finally...
No where to hide...
No where to catch...
My Breath....

Alone on the treacherous winding trail.
Feeling my way in the moonless night...
Afraid to let the flower of Faith grow wildly...
Afraid to embrace the fragrant bud unfolding...
But I know now...

I was thrown carelessly on a barren mesa,
Where clouds intercourse with lichen.
I was clinging In the fierce winds, buried by snow.
I thought,...I had lost this individual...
But when Spring came, I was rooted deeper
Even than I remembered....
I was reaching for the Golden Orb again
I was chanting the Ancient Names....
Of my Succoring Benefactor....

I was dreaming of being all that I could be.
I was sheltering my fantasy
So the world would not see it,
Would not spoil....
The secret of my being.
But I am more than I dreamed of being....

More than I dreamed I could be....
I see myself in bird and tree....
In man and child...and even feel....
When you move away from me....
But we are more.....than Humanity.

You will stay with me and I with you.
This Self we know, we've known so long.
'Tis no surprise we come together now
Understanding knows no time,
For whole is Whole and one is One,
Evolving together like moon and sun.
Beyond molecule and atom we have come

Beyond this reality we were spawned
Precipitated by Love into this form
Yet come and go as breezes flow....
We are more, than we ever
Dreamed we could be!