IN EVERY HEARTBEAT

In eveery heartbeat that we send,

A feeling stays and never ends.

In every leaf, of every tree,

By every cough of bumble bees...

       With every rustle of the breeze

       That frees the fragrance blossoms bore,

                            ...............All beings receive it.

From crocodile's tears or froggie's song,

The lovely thought we hope to give,

                     felt by all.

We are always connected to each other,

Affected by each other's rhythms...good or ill;

Affect our environment together.  You know...

They say...thoughts can kill.  For hearts,

In every living being, beating

    Engrave, in undulating waves, instill....

       The content of each heart repeating,

                   What the silent mind has willed.

Let us be carful then,

                                     How we spin our dreams...

For tides go ou.  We watch them go....

But surely they come back again,

Returning to us, what our heart has sown.

                    Arizona Waterfall '89 yfr

                                   BELIEVE IN LOVE

  You don't need Love....

  You are Love.

  Believe in Love.

    Love knows the way..

  Giving or receiving,

  Love heals every wound.

  Is loving not fill,

   The empty sadness of your heart?

                      ..............and save this day!? 

  Love, given for Love's Sake alone

  Lifts every burden thru your tears.

  Though unreturned, one futile,

        Yet it is the caring for one another

                      ......that proves the meaning....

  Love as  you would be loved....

       Share yourself to understand.

                   One can learn to be a friend.

                           If one can listen and extend a hand...

  One finds the way.

  Love is it's own reward;

  It restores us in a way

  The world can't see or touch.

             Love is not learned from books.

              It is the heart....that teaches much.

  Love waits for you.  Love knows your name.

  It wants to share with you the same;

  It wants to give a we...

          Can feel the blessed empathy,

                 That makes the Truth complete

                                                                    WHO AMONG US?

  Who among us can truly say,  That they deserve this life.

  Who has earned the place in space...Who can even see, the Lover's Face,

  By Whose Passionate Artistic Grace, We wake...and learn to find our way..

  We live to learn.  We fall to walk.  We laugh to cry.   So absurd to be....alive.

  We sleep, then we wake, Get lost but are found.  Pass river and mountain,

  But always return...and never have we earned....

  Nor can deserve, The generous blessing...

  Time so derived and so precious...

  The oh, so original soul,   In each person, invested